CAPRICORN on mercury
Lyrics - magic potion
the movie scene
starring me
to be continued
that's for sure
but for now I rewind
to my precious part
and watch it twice
in slow motion
like magic potion
refreshes my heart

I was searching for
you were searching for me
at that time the ones we found were different
people always change I think
but I'm still diggin on
you're still digging on me
and everything that we feel's much better
so I wouldn't change a thing

here and now
I've got this new love
she's so charming
stunning moments in line
the time we share
will not prevent
sometimes I dive into an ocean
of magic potion
refreshes my heart

never thought that we could fail
we've been an almost perfect couple
but now these days lie far behind
and I try to find the defintion of an end
cause I love you more than just a friend