CAPRICORN on mercury
Lyrics - lonley planet lisbon
last night, from lisbon
connection was bad
a few scrabs of love
then the line had gone dead
last sunset of summer
two different views
temper that I lose

lonely thoughts scattered
like leaves on the ground
rain passed off clouds fading
                      smell seems spellbound                    
fall is the greatest
when summer is gone
but not when I'm alone

and it feels so small
when the axis is missing
revolved of it all
and this mist
I'm slowly passing through
hold on to her
like got stuck into glue
until she pulls me off
with a smile I want more than enough

her lonesome hotelroom
I wanna be there
but contrails just writing
her name in the air
distance is playing
our songs in repeat
the soundtrack to a life that

I hold on to her
while the days are closing in
and I count the days until christmas
big plans left undone