CAPRICORN on mercury
Lyrics - construction kids
a yellowed polaroid
shows this gap-toothed grin
I used to see it almost everyday
together we grew up
kettcar racing days
model plains and hidden cigarettes

another year has gone without your jokes
no longer "two as one", we enjoy our separate ways
and on your way, "all the best!"
every single day that we grow older
the hill between our lives wins a boulder
we won't change and try to climb the mountain range

a yellowed polaroid
shows a boy who knew my life
no secrets to my living diary
staying up all night
talking about the future
and the girls we'll never get

the world keeps turning round
and it's never been harder to regain
commondore 64, spanish nights, a friend
a lingering sound hushes in the end

please stop pretending!
the jet we built chrashed
and it's unfixable, write-off